Frequently asked questions

How do I make an appointment? You can do this directly by phone or email (see contact page for details). A referral letter is not required.

How much does it cost? The cost per session is €80.00.

How long is a session? The session is for one hour.

How often and how long do I need to attend? Sessions are arranged on a weekly basis, usually on the same day and  time. The length of the process depends on the needs and commitment of the client. This can be clarified further when you begin.

Do you have evening appointments? Yes a limited number of evening appointments are available. The latest appointment time is 7.30pm.

Do I need to decide which service I am attending for? No, in particular it is not unusual for clients to move between traditional psychotherapy and sandplay therapy during the process of their work.

How long might I have to wait for an appointment?  As  appointments are ongoing this will depend on a suitable appointment being available. This might be possible more immediately, or may require a waiting time. It is difficult to give a guideline.