Counselling, Psychotherapy and Sandplay Therapy

Practice and approach

Counselling: This is generally a short term and issue focused process. There is particular emphasis on identifying thoughts, feelings, behaviours, assumptions and perceptions. In this way it creates the ground for exploring alternative perspectives and possibilities which can be helpful towards addressing concerns.

Psychotherapy: The primary focus is on individual experience, perception and responding. As such it is different from counselling which tends to be ‘issue’ focused. Deeper understanding of developmental experience together with insight into personal meaning, can serve to reduce stress, distress and presenting symptoms. 

Sandplay Therapy: This psychotherapeutic application offers a specialised way to learn more about internal experience, making it possible to work with deep levels of experience using a non-verbal creative process. New areas of awareness can be accessed and explored through sensory experiencing and feedback, working with both sand and objects. Like dreams, which through their scenes and story can give us insight, sandplay scenes similarly include forms, figures and actions, that can be symbolically explored and reflected upon.